Commercials in the ESL Classroom
Posted By : Jack Massalski on Oct 19 , 16 03:33 AM

One way in which TV commercials can be used in the ESL classroom is to provide students with a vi...

importance of being on time(writing journal#3)
Posted By : David Zhou on Sep 30 , 16 07:44 PM

Being on time has become people`s daily habit.But how importance of being on time? First ...

Learning to play a sports(writing journal#2)
Posted By : David Zhou on Sep 30 , 16 07:18 PM

My mother told me that I was very afraid of water when I was little.I will keep crying in the bat...

My hobby
Posted By : David Zhou on Sep 30 , 16 06:59 PM

I got in touch with computer games from the first year of high school.I came into contact with ga...

What Is Netiquette - How to Communicate Online
Posted By : Jack Massalski on May 5 , 16 07:41 AM

Netiquette refers to using common courtesy in online communication. All users are expected to fol...

Current Website Design Trends
Posted By : Website Admin on May 2 , 16 05:41 PM

The Nature of Things
Posted By : Edwina Hsu on Apr 30 , 16 07:54 AM

I found this video was very interesting. According to this article obesity in Canada has doubled ...